EAN 13 Barcode


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Turnaround times

For orders up to 300 units: 5-7 business days.
For orders up to 3000 units: 10-15 business days.

If you will be selling your cassettes or discs through a retail store then you will probably need to register a unique barcode for your release and apply it to the rear outer artwork of your product to make it possible for them to sell via their product barcode scanner.

In Europe we use the EAN 13 barcode system and in North America the UPC system is used. We can register an EAN 13 barcode for you and embed the barcode graphic within your disc packaging artwork for just £15+VAT. The only information that we will require from you will be the name of the band/artist and the title of the release, then just leave a suitable space in your artwork and we will register the barcode and add it to your artwork for you, all for just £15+VAT.

Barcodes don’t inherently contain any information about the album or release, they are essentially a unique number used only for your album or release that retailers will then use on their system and will add their own information about the album, so there is no central database of barcodes.