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There are often many questions that you may have with regards to your CD or cassette production and whilst many will need to be answered by us directly, here are some of the commonly (or not very commonly) asked questions that we may be able to answer for you right now:

Sending us your files

How can I send my artwork and content files to you?
Where is your online order form?

Cassette production questions

How can I provide the audio for my cassette production?
How long will my cassettes be per side?
Where can I find further information about on-body printing?
How are the cassettes recorded and what is the quality like?
Can I get a proof cassette prior to production of my full order?
Tell me some silly facts about cassette tape production…

Disc production questions

What are the turnaround times for producing and delivering CDs or DVDs?
Adding copyright audio content to your wedding favour CDs and wedding invitation CDs
How do I create an autorun file?
Do you deliver overseas?
Can I burn the CDs or DVDs myself and have the artwork pre-printed onto the discs?
What format are audio CD files in? An explanation of the CDA and CD-DA format
What is an MD5 checksum?
What is PAL?
What is NTSC?
In which regions do PAL DVDs work?
In which regions do NTSC DVDs work?
Can I add further content to the CDs or DVDs once they have been burnt?

Artwork questions

What are the artwork specifications for the printing on the CD and DVD discs and cases?
Can you help design my CD, cassette or wedding invitation/favour artwork for me?
How do I add a barcode to my CD or DVD artwork?
Can you sequentially number the CDs and DVDs that you produce?
What is the Parental Advisory Explicit Content logo?

Disc type questions

What is CD duplication?
What is CD replication?
How do business card CDs work?
What is DVD duplication?
What is DVD replication?
What are DVD-R discs?
What are DVD-5 discs?
What are DVD-9 discs?
What are dual layer DVDs?
What are Blu-ray discs?
What is a glass master?

Haberdashery of random questions

How do I pay for my order?
Do you recycle CDs and DVDs?
What is the standard copyright text on CDs, cassettes or vinyl?
Do I need to pay royalties on cover versions of songs for our CD?
How do I submit my CD track names to automatically appear in iTunes?
When is Cassette Store Day?
When is International MiniDisc Day?
When is Record Store Day?

Our disc and cassette range includes:

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