NFC tag stickers


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Quantity Discounts

20 - 99£0.75
100 - 499£0.65
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Turnaround times

For orders up to 300 units: 5-7 business days.
For orders up to 3000 units: 10-15 business days.

If you would like customers to be able to tap your cassette tape, CD, USB, VHS or just about anything else on their Android or Apple phone to open up a web page, music video, specific Spotify artist page, album or track then just include NFC (Near Field Communication) tag stickers with your order and we can then apply them to your product.

Please provide us with the web page URL that you would like us to link to in the description field when checking out (plus any details of where you would like us to apply the sticker) and we will program the tags and apply them for you.

To link to a specific artist, album or track on Spotify  then click on the three dots next to the artist name or track name, then go to Share and then copy link

Please note that some older phones may not have NFC compatability and if the user has NFC reading turned off on their phone then the tag won’t work.

These tags measure 19mm x 12mm in size, use an NTAG213 chip with clear PET and a strong adhesive back. They have a strong field for their size and are very durable.