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Cigarette-style cassette tape casesCassette tapes in cigarette pack cases

For small run orders of 25 items or more

These printed cigarette-style packs are the perfect size to contain a cassette tape within a standard ‘Norelco’ size plastic case and make an amazing packaging product for your cassettes, reminiscent of the Cigarettes & Alcohol cassette tape release by Oasis back in the 90’s. They are available with full colour printing on the cigarette pack cases.

We can print on matt or gloss card stocks or even recycled card or brown Manila card if you would like something different. We can also produce the white card inners that help to keep the packs closed and add extra rigidity in matt or gloss white, recycled card stock, brown Manila card or solid black card stock.

The finished items can also be shrink wrapped and options like J-cards in the cases and full colour, full coverage on-body printing on the tapes can also be added to give you the freedom to create something really unique.

Cassette shell colours available

We have all the colours in the rainbow with over 60 different shell colours and one of the largest selections in the world. Please note that the exact tape shell style and shade can vary slightly depending on current stock and suppliers, if you have a very specific request then please contact us.


Recycled Clear Frosted



Dark Grey Recycled

Vintage Silver (with artifical stress marks)


Cocoa Brown


Vintage Bronze (with artifical stress marks)

Vintage Gold

Smokey Brown

Recycled Apricot

Pumpkin Orange

Retro Orange

Brick Red


Neon Pink

Recycled Coral

Baby Pink

Dusty Pink

Hot Pink

Blackberry recycled Purple

Recycled Purple

Tanzania Purple

Dark Blue

Sharmi Blue

Ocean Blue

Recycled Blue

Sky Blue

Petrol Blue


Jade Green

Ogre Green


Slime Green

Sage Green

Neon Yellow

Sunset Yellow

Lemon Yellow

Pineapple Yellow

Toxic Green

Transparent Yellow

Transparent Orange

Transparent Bright Orange

Transparent Red

Transparent Dark Red

Transparent Pink (with window)

Transparent Pink (without window)

Transparent Purple

Transparent Dark Blue

Transparent Blue

Clear Turquoise

Transparent Dark Green

Transparent Green

Transparent Bright Green

Clear with Grey Liner

Clear Prison

Transparent Gold Glitter

Transparent Silver Glitter

Transparent Blue Glitter

Transparent Red Glitter

Transparent Green Glitter

Mirror Silver +£4.50 extra

Mirror gold+£4.50 extra

Yellow & Black Sandwich

White & Black Sandwich

Red & Black Sandwich

Yellow & White Sandwich

Grey & Black Sandwich

Pink & White Sandwich

Pink & Pistachio Green Sandwich

Blue & Pink sandwich

Pricing for sticker printed cassette tapes in clear cassette cases and packed within full colour printed cigarette pack outers for total lengths up to C45 (22.5 minutes per side)

25 copies
in full colour printed cigarette packs
£6.04+VAT each
  • £172.20
    inc. VAT & Delivery
  • Cassette tapes of any colour with full colour sticker printing on both sides of the tape and audio recorded up to 45 minutes in total length, supplied in clear plastic cassette cases, inserted within full colour printed cigarette pack cases
  • Includes UK delivery, Worldwide option
  • 5-8 day turnaround
50 copies
in full colour printed cigarette packs
£5.14+VAT each
  • £284.40
    inc. VAT & Delivery
  • Cassette tapes of any colour with full colour sticker printing on both sides of the tape and audio recorded up to 45 minutes in total length, supplied in clear plastic cassette cases, inserted within full colour printed cigarette pack cases
  • Includes UK delivery, Worldwide option
  • 5-8 day turnaround
100 copies
in full colour printed cigarette packs
£4.74+VAT each
  • £520.80
    inc. VAT & Delivery
  • Cassette tapes of any colour with full colour sticker printing on both sides of the tape and audio recorded up to 45 minutes in total length, supplied in clear plastic cassette cases, inserted within full colour printed cigarette pack cases
  • Includes UK delivery, Worldwide option
  • 5-8 day turnaround
200 copies
in full colour printed cigarette packs
£4.44+VAT each
  • £969.60
    inc. VAT & Delivery
  • Cassette tapes of any colour with full colour sticker printing on both sides of the tape and audio recorded up to 45 minutes in total length, supplied in clear plastic cassette cases, inserted within full colour printed cigarette pack cases
  • Includes UK delivery, Worldwide option
  • 6-9 day turnaround
300 copies
in full colour printed cigarette packs
£4.24+VAT each
  • £1382.40
    inc. VAT & Delivery
  • Cassette tapes of any colour with full colour sticker printing on both sides of the tape and audio recorded up to 45 minutes in total length, supplied in clear plastic cassette cases, inserted within full colour printed cigarette pack cases
  • Includes UK delivery, Worldwide option
  • 7-10 day turnaround

Some examples of our work:

Optional extras:

  • Add a clear shrink wrap for £0.10+VAT per unit
  • If you don’t require audio on the tapes then please deduct £0.50+VAT per cassette
  • For longer tapes, please add the following:
    • £0.40+VAT per unit for total lengths up to C90 (45 minutes per side)
    • £0.70+VAT per unit for total lengths up to C110 (55 minutes per side)
  • J-cards within the inner plastic cases can be added depending on the requirements, for a standard J-card printed full colour both sides, this would be an extra £0.30+VAT and for each additional fold-out panel printed full colour both sides, please add £0.12+VAT (up to 5 additional fold-out panels can be added)
  • Add on-body print onto the tapes by using the price guide here

Cassette case colour options

Most people choose the clear front and back cassette cases for their orders and these are the ones that are provided as standard. However you can also choose from over twenty different cassette case colours with solid or transparent back options:

Clear (Most Popular)

White with Clear Front

Ivory with Clear Front

Gold with Clear Front

Silver with Clear Front

Black with Clear Front

Light Yellow with Clear Front

Dark Yellow with Clear Front

Pink with Clear Front

Neon Pink with Clear Front

Red with Clear Front

Blue with Clear Front

Turquoise with Clear Front

Green with Clear Front

Grey with Clear Front

Clear Smokey Grey

Clear Smokey Brown

Transparent Fluorescent Green

Transparent Turquoise Front and Back

Transparent Turquoise with Clear Front

Transparent Fluorescent Orange Front and Back

Full Transparent Red Front and Back

Transparent Purple with Clear Front

Transparent Frosted

Cyan Opaque Recycled Case

Grey Opaque Recycled Case

Orange Opaque Recycled Case

Pink Opaque Recycled Case

Purple Opaque Recycled Case

White Opaque Recycled Case

Yellow Opaque Recycled Case

The prices for all the different cassette tape cases are the same, apart from the transparent red, transparent turquoise, transparent green and transparent purple cases that add £0.10+VAT per case. Please notify us when ordering if you would like a colour other than clear.

On-body cassette shell printing

We can now offer full colour, white, black and even spot gloss on-body cassette printing with the same turnaround times as stickers and with the option of printing over the full surface of the cassette as shown in the example on the right. Our new in-house printer is a state-of-the-art UV LED printer that is very high resolution and prints incredibly hard and durable inks directly onto the tapes in vibrant colours. There is a small additional fee for the on-body printing, but it is now priced per tape (rather than a fixed setup cost for printing plates), making it more economic for shorter production runs.

Click here to find out more about our new on-body printing, view prices and see some examples

Cassette tape on-body printingGreen transparent cassette tape with full coverage colour printing

Artwork template downloads

Cassette tape Sticker printing template downloads (also suitable for editing in Photoshop)

Cassette tape sticker printing area

Cassette tape on-body printing template downloads (also suitable for editing in Photoshop)

The yellow areas show the artwork area to be printed. Please select between standard printing or full coverage printing when downloading a template (the prices vary depending on coverage, please see our on-body printing pricing table). Generally if printing on anything other than white, cream or grey tapes, we will add a white base layer beneath colours so that the colours come out accurately and are not affected by the shade of the tape shell behind. If you would only like a partial white layer or would only like your artwork to be printed in white then please supply a separate copy of the artwork for the white layer only (with white print in the file name so that we can easily identify it as being a white print), with the white area to be printed using a solid black colour (essentially white colours are never printed in artwork and for us to print a white base layer we load up a specific file with the black in the file representing the white layer to print). The same is true if you would like a spot gloss layer applied, please supply another copy of the file with gloss print in the file name with the black area showing where the gloss should be printed. This may mean that if some areas are just printed white, some areas are full colour and some bits have a spot gloss then you would need to supply three different artwork files per side, one for the white, one for the colour and black areas and one for the gloss areas.

Cassette tape standard on-body printing area

Cassette tape full coverage on-body printing area

Cigarette pack artwork template downloads

The journey of a cassette tape during manufacture

Have a quick tour in less than a minute through our cassette tape production process at Band CDs.

Footage taken and produced by the very talented folk at

Chrome tape option

Chrome cassette tape duplication

Unfortunately we are currently unable to wind tapes with higher quality chrome 'Type II' tape as the world has basically run out of it and it hasn't been produced for many years. We ran out of stock in early 2019. Our current tapes are however being wound with a higher quality and thicker 'super ferric' tape that is close to chrome in terms of quality.

If chrome reel does end up being manufactured again then we will of course start adding it as an option.

Important note about the tape styles that we stock

Blank cassette production worldwide is very limited and stocks of our coloured tapes can be restricted and cannot be guaranteed, so please check before ordering as some are discontinued styles that may not be available again. However conversely, some new batches are produced from time to time, so we may be able to source alternative styles or other colours if required.

Cassette tape presentation frames

The frames are fully finished, ready to hang and include additional copies of your release and can even be provided with a full colour printed metal plaque with your artwork on to celebrate the cassette release or as a memento for the band members. The frames can include both a copy of the tape and also the packaging and are available in black or white borders with black or white backgrounds.

Click to find out more about our cassette tape presentation frames

Custom printed guitar picksAdd some full colour printed guitar picks

When placing an order with us, why not add some custom printed guitar picks with your band logo on? The picks are available in different thicknesses for acoustic/electric and bass guitars and also lots of different base colours. We can then print full colour on-body artwork with partial white base layers and spot gloss layers if required. Ideal for not only playing with, but also for merch stands, added value online CD/cassette/vinyl sales or freebies for fans.

Click to find out more about our full colour printed custom guitar picks

Do you need a barcode?

Barcode generation service for cassettes

If you will be selling your cassettes through a retail store then you will probably need to register a unique barcode for your release and apply it to the rear outer artwork of your product to make it possible for them to sell via their product barcode scanner.

In Europe we use the EAN 13 barcode system and in North America the UPC system is used. We can register an EAN 13 barcode for you and embed the barcode graphic within your cassette packaging artwork for just £12+VAT. The only information that we will require from you will be the name of the band/artist and the title of the release, then just leave a suitable space in your artwork and we will register the barcode and add it to your artwork for you, all for just £12+VAT.

For further information about barcodes, please read our barcode FAQs.

How to place an order or request a sample

The best way to place your order or request a custom printed sample is to complete our ONLINE ORDER FORM

However there are also three other main ways in which you can get your contents and artwork across to us:

1. By email If the artwork (and contents if we are burning the discs for you) are less than 10MB then you can email them to us here.

2. By uploading online Any size of files can be uploaded to us free of charge online via our WeTransfer upload - please remember to provide your order details (band name, type of cassettes required, packaging type, total order quantity and delivery address) in the information field when uploading.

3. By post Please send your artwork (and contents if we are recording the tapes for you) to: Disc Production Manager, Wizbit Internet Services Ltd, Keppel K1, Daedalus Park, Lee-on-the-Solent, Hampshire, PO13 9FX

Payment for orders

CD duplication payment credit card symbols

Payment is required before production of the order. Once we have received your artwork files (and audio contents if also being recorded) and verified that they are ready for production then we will email an invoice across to you that can be paid by cheque, BACS, PayPal or credit/debit card. If you have already been sent an invoice then please click on the link below to pay for your order by credit or debit card:


Cassette name place holders and letter racks

Available now on our sister site, are some unique items that we have developed ourselves, including a cassette tape letter rack and cassette tape name place holders that are each available with 32 different mix and match cassette tape colours to help fit your décor or colour scheme. Just click on a picture below to visit the relevant page to view pricing and options:

Any questions?

There are often many questions that customers may have that are not answered above, in which case please do not hesitate to pick up the phone or email us and we will try to help. Our contact details can be found here.

We also have an extensive CD and cassette production FAQs section which may help to answer your questions.

What our customers say

4.9/5.0 on Facebook

Excellent service and a pleasure to deal with. I uploaded my own wedding invite designs and it was so easy with no problems whatsoever. The staff, Hollie in particular as I dealt directly with her, are really pleasant and helpful and most importantly the final printed results were perfect. I highly recommend BandCDs to anybody. Thank you guys!read more
Paul Cooke
Paul Cooke
An absolute pleasure to do business with! Helpful, professional, and even kind enough to replace all the jcards free of charge for a limited run of 21 cassettes regardless of the faulty ones being our mistake. Thanks again Charlotte, we'll definitely work with you again and recommend your services to all our contacts. All the more
I have been using Band CDs for a couple of years now and I can honestly say it's a great company to deal with. The cassettes are super high quality and speed and service second to none. Special mention to Charlotte who always deals with my sometimes challenging orders :)read more
Matthew Hunter
Matthew Hunter
Excellent and very helpful service. Charlotte Pardon dealt with my order from start to finish and maintained good communication with me. My CD printed sleeves looked fantastic and were delivered ahead of the deadline. The product was very well packaged and protected for delivery.I totally recommend Band CDs and will definitely use their services in the future!Thankyou Band more
Ray Oorloff
Ray Oorloff
Band CD's are the best producers of physical music in the business. They offer outstanding designs and options to their customers. After 6 CD and Cassette projects I've done through this company, I would highly recommend them for production of your more
Marshall Rochford
Marshall Rochford
The best customer support. Amazing printing and cassette duplication quality. Charlotte and her team totally get thumbs up for their fast response, problem solving abilities and order delivery in total. I highly recommend working with them!read more
Angelos Aivazis
Angelos Aivazis
Very satisfied with my experience! Somehow, Band CDs was able to come in under budget and ahead of schedule shipping across the Atlantic Ocean. And I’m very happy with the print quality, sound quality, and customer service. Thank you Charlotte Pardon and team! Will use againread more
John Sterling Barnes
John Sterling Barnes
I am absolutely delighted with our order today. Both my bands The Danse Society and Blooding Mask had several releases with you guys and you are awesome.Thank you so much and looking forward to more releases.❤️ Maethread more
Maya Aiello
Maya Aiello
Charlotte and her team really helped me with a small order. The quality of final product has blown me away a little. With it being a small order for my solo album I was expecting a B minus product got an A+, the digipacks they sent are as good as anything you see in a shop. I cannot recommend enough and will 100% be going straight to Band CDs in more
The Bonnevilles
The Bonnevilles
BandCDs come highly recommended!Price-point, quality of print and stock, turnaround and (vitally) communications unmatched, in a world where it's increasingly difficult for expectations to be clearly outlined and well met they're a breath of fresh air - after going through a few different companies over the past few years I finally have a solid go-to for tape & CD. Will certainly be using them more
Andrew Ellis
Andrew Ellis
we did a tape run through these guys, Charlotte walked me through the process as I had zero clue what I was doing, they arrived and are absolute perfection, reasonably priced and excellent communication. thank you so much!read more
Dave Mac
Dave Mac
Fantastic job by Ki and the team on reviving my 1994 album Chatting With Alice in cd format.Great service, good value, and the CDs, sleeves, centre labels all look superb.Will definitely be a returning customer👍💚read more
Adrian Truman
Adrian Truman
Amazing service from Ki, Max and the team. Band CDs met a tight deadline, kept me informed throughout the process and made the experience of getting the first physical copies of my debut album thoroughly enjoyable. I'll be using them again. Thanks so much!read more
Daniel Cliffe
Daniel Cliffe
Thank you Karen & Very friendly communication, super fast production and delivery! Highly recommended for cassette releases, striking print and sound quality. More orders from me will follow shortly. Roger (Elasticat Records)read more
Roger Ziegler
Roger Ziegler
We used Band CDs to produce and duplicate a short run of discs of our new album (disc, sleeve, lyric sheet). I was able to work closely with Charlotte to ensure that we got the details clear and ended up with the product we were looking for. We had a tight schedule, but this was not a problem for Band CDs. The advantage of this company is that you can always speak to the person overseeing your project. Communication is a real strength.Thank you.PS The album is Dry the Rain by Aqaba (plug!)read more
Andrew Matthews
Andrew Matthews
Hollie was amazing to deal with at Band CD'sVery informative and helpful on the phone for the initial outreach & superb on email in getting the order through.The final product was delivered in a better timeframe than I expected and the quality is amazing!Exactly what I could have hoped more
Shane UrbanCool Kavanagh
Shane UrbanCool Kavanagh
GREAT SERVICE! Charlotte and Hollie pushed and poked me in all the right directions to make sure this novice cassette guy would end up with the right product first time round! Brilliant! Thank you thank you both to you and your production more
Nick Langford
Nick Langford
I’ve used these guys since starting my label (Rare Vitamin Records) and have been nothing but impressed from day one. Always on hand with help and advice & the quality of product is 2nd to none! I genuinely wouldn’t use anyone else. The best there is!read more
JD Davies
JD Davies
I have used Band CDs to produce numerous cassettes and a CD digipack over the last few years and always been very pleased with the results. Really friendly communication and very helpful. Not to mention they have great eco options and offset their own carbon output. Top more
William 'memotone' Yates
William 'memotone' Yates
Brilliant, efficient and professional company. Knowledgeable and highly skilled staff. Friendly customer service. They always reply to queries when they say they will and offer all the help and support you will need. Thank you so much!read more
Mark Gleave
Mark Gleave
The team at Band CDs are spot on!! Lovely people, excellent services, the whole process was super smooth. Great quality & quick services. On behalf of Petite Victory Collective I definitely recommend using Band CDs. Will definitely work with these lovely people again!read more
Guillaume Blanjean
Guillaume Blanjean
Band CDs recently printed the first NIGHTSONG CDs for our album "The Peasants' Revolt". Seamless process. Excellent communication. Quick delivery. High quality. No reason to go elsewhere next time around. Nice one 😎👌Thanks from we three 💙read more
John Reed
John Reed
Couldn't recommend Band CDs more. Very swift turnaround and friendly staff who went above and beyond to make really high quality cassettes for my record release. They even took the initiative to make sure the inside of the insert the same colour as the front which made the product look even more professional. Amazing variation of shell colour options including transparent and glitter too, choosing and even ordering these was fun. Not as fun though as the moment I opened the box! Will continue to work with them, especially as their low minimum order means Ltd Editions are possible and more
Du Blonde
Du Blonde
I recently used Band CDs for my bands EP and was blown away by the product! It turned what could have been a necessary job into a product to be proud of and that we’d actually want to sell in its physical form, just because of how attractive it is! 5 more
Christopher Weeks
Christopher Weeks
My band "Victorius" released our debut album and these guys did an amazing job producing the finished CDs! They were helpful, professional, fast to respond, great value for money and when we got the finished CDs delivered we were blown away with the quality! Special thanks to Hollie for helping with the set up of the artwork and format of the CD info for the tracks. Will defo be coming back for more!read more
Stewart Kennedy
Stewart Kennedy
One of the most dedicated companies around - Top Service, fair prices and superb Support (in this case Special Greetings to Charlotte !) We will recommend You to all our companioned bands and close contacts. Killer!🤘🤘read more
Steve Diabolo
Steve Diabolo
I had a small order of CDs for my label ( independent music from Japan , ). Double CD, printed, with poster in an eco friendly wallet and it came out spectecular! And it sounds awesome!But not only the result is stunning also working with these people is pure fun! Very quick response and very nice communication!Absolutely recommendedread more
Giornata Nera
Giornata Nera
This is the second time that Chasin' the Train have used Band CDs - the first was for our initial EP, 'Off The Rails' - and they were again more than helpful and great to deal with. We decided to produce our debut album, 'Dead Man's Handle' as a digipak CD because there are still people who like to have the physical product in their hand. Band CDs did an excellent job of transforming our ideas in to reality - there have already been a number of positive comments from pre-order purchasers - and we can only see that continuing.Thanks again for all your guidance - now to write the next album ... 🚂🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️read more
Peter Jamieson
Peter Jamieson
Had a small order of CD’s and Cassette’s and they are brilliant! The order was processed and delivered very quickly, even despite the current pandemic situation. Communication was 10/10 and they even threw in a small bag of Haribos with my order! I am very pleased with the work I have been given back, and I would definitely recommend Band CD’s to anyone looking for duplication!read more
James Brittain
James Brittain
Wanted to get a small number of CDs made up of an album I'd made with my band. Was recommended Band CDs through a friend who had previously used them for his album. I needed them doing in a hurry (within a week) and Charlotte and Kayleigh were super efficient at getting everything sorted mega quick including assistance with the artwork. CDs look great and come at a good price too. Well done all at Band CDs... excellent service ... definitely recommend!read more
Damian Cook
Damian Cook
Absolutely recommended. Not only the prices are competitive, but they are also fast, friendly and professional. I worked with them for my first releases in my label ( I am repeating now for my next releases. As long as BandCDs exists, I will continue to work with more
Fede Campos
Fede Campos
We, RockSalt Acoustic, received our CDs today (Sleeping Dragon CD03 - Live In Haworth 2019), which look & sound great - they are just perfect for our requirements & we are absolutely delighted with BandCDs servicesThanks once again to Tom for all of your help & we should soon have 1 or 2 more CDs for you from Sleeping DragonB|read more
Amazing team of personalities. They helped a lot during the process and if the result is that awesome to us, it's because they took great care from start to finish. Fabulous discovery and won't search anywere else, no doubt about it !read more
Alex Sindrome
Alex Sindrome
Brilliany service, can’t recommend enough! Friendly and swift replies, and full co-operation with specific details, artwork, etc. We ordered a batch of cassettes, which they packed with download codes free of charge. I also think it’s great that all cassette designs are the same price! Delivery was very quick more
Rhys Underdown
Rhys Underdown
they customised picks for me for buttonholes at a friends wedding even went out of their way to find a specific design that on another website customised would have cost £65 these cost £20 all in great value good service and communicationread more
Mandy Salt
Mandy Salt
Amazing customer service and gave help where possible at each stage of production. turn around time on the finished product was insanely quick and the finished items looked absolutely amazing. 5 out of 5 stars! will be working with them againread more
James Gibbons
James Gibbons
Really attentive and efficient service. Had some really interesting suggestions in terms of the look of the product that I went with. So glad I did. First class, and I definitely will use Band CDs for any future more
Mark Andrews
Mark Andrews
Everything about the service, from start to finish, was excellent. Great communication, helpful advice, useful samples to help make my decision on format, and far quicker lead times than I was expecting. Very accommodating, and the end result looks great.As a brand new label, it was important to have such great responses to questions, and to at the end of it all walk away with a beautiful product. I'll be coming back to them for releases to come!read more
Sam Thomason
Sam Thomason
All I can do is highly recommend this amazing company, Band CDs!! Helpful every step of the way with all my last minute changes, quick to put my mind at ease by answering all my questions, very fast delivery time and superb products that I am over the moon with!! Seriously guys, you ROCK!!! Thanks again and more
Dave Dunbar
Dave Dunbar
Amazing service and lovely staff. Always go above and beyond. Band CD's produce all of our cassette's for This City Is Ours Records and they always come out looking better than we could have thought. Can't recommend more
Terry Dactyl
Terry Dactyl
I cannot recommend this service enough, the website layout is really consice and user friendly, and the guys at band cds are some of the most helpful I have encountered. The final product we were delivered was exactly what we were looking for and we could not be happier! 10/10 would use againread more
Thomas Shaun Brady
Thomas Shaun Brady
Great service - quick to respond and were very informative about my technical questions at the start. Products look fantastic and care is taken to deliver great products. If any issues arise (as can sometimes happen with old mediums like cassettes!) they are fixed very quickly, and professionally. I had used other very slightly cheaper companies for tapes and received awful products in the past, wouldn't go anywhere else now. Thanks to Paul for his help and support with each more
Chris Le Monde
Chris Le Monde
On behalf of The Lack of Commitments we'd really like to thank Charlotte and the team for producing our live double album CD. We went for the vinyl CD look for our double album with a four page booklet. The quality, print and help was great. Thank more
Dave Patrick
Dave Patrick
We absolutely LOVE Band CDs in our house. The service was quick, almost instant, friendly, and everything happened as it should. I would deffo recommend them. Just one teensy little thing...please get some mastering software that allows you to join tracks together. xread more
Stephen Butler
Stephen Butler
Excellent experience using these guys. I’m in a band called, Pulverise and we used Band CDs to print digi-packs of our debut album - Chaos Games. It’s the first time we’ve ever done anything like this and they supported us from the first contact to completion and delivered a beautiful product that we’re all proud of. Tom G is a legend! Thank you!read more
Vicky Reader
Vicky Reader
We printed our first release (Nordkväde) on tape here, the maltese cross folding cover looks amazing and we are really impressed by the all over print of the cassette. Most importantly the sound quality is great! We couldn't be happier with the result and great support they gave us when printing this product. Highly recommended!read more
Olle Olsson
Olle Olsson
Brilliant service and product . Couldn’t fault Charlotte who looked after our order, great advice and support with regards design etc . Would recommend any indie bands out there to use this company , you won’t be disappointed .read more
Kenny Martin
Kenny Martin
Band CDs has provided Brilleaux (New Zealand) with UK based CD production for all their tours of UK and Europe since 2013.Great service, innovative and impactful products, fast delivery and keen pricing make them our go-to partner for this part of our Merchandising strategy.Paul's customer-facing approach is like a breath of fresh-air - It's an *absolute pleasure* to do business with these guys!Highly recommended :-)read more
Rob Vernon
Rob Vernon
Thank you so much Band CDs team (Charlotte was the person who took care about my release😉) The artist KEYVANOTH and I are very pleased of the result and I deeply support Band CDs and will renew as soon as I can afford😊 thank you for your very nice photo and I'm pleased to have added some other one about this great product (the vinyl style CD with microgroove relief and deepl black reverse is awesome !) The CDs were safely delivered this afternoon. Many thanks.phoenixread more
Emmanuel Duchez
Emmanuel Duchez
I've now had 4 different CDs produced by the Wizbit/BandCD team and can thoroughly recommend them for attention to detail, courteous and careful correspondence, good design advice, speedy service and high quality production. Absolutely no complaints!!read more
Andy Beaumont
Andy Beaumont
Can't rate BandCDs highly enough, 5 stars doesn't even come close, from day 1 they help me with every issue I had with my CDs right through to the final product, the range of products is also mind blowing , from normal everyday CDs to mini vinyl CDs which is what I opted for for my own release, there is something for everyone here, can I personally thank everyone at BandCDs for their excellent service and friendly approach, The Plastic Fantastic Ep was The Skalps first release and we will 100% return to BandCDs for future releases. Thank you from all at Skalps more
Tommy Byrne
Tommy Byrne
Band CDs did a run of cassettes for me in August and they are beautiful. The full on-body printing is a great option and the quality of the J-cards is excellent. Delivery was very fast and the price quoted was extremely competitive. I have since ordered from them more
James Griffin
James Griffin
Excellent product, great customer service and did exactly what was asked for!! Thanks Charlotte for a great product and super duper service! Would highly recommend - Ian (Gone Savage) Check it out on our bandpage - facebook com gonesavageukread more
Ian Salpekar
Ian Salpekar
Can't recommend these guys enough. I worked closely with a chap called Michael at BandCDs on a small batch of cassette tapes. He was an absolute legend! His meticulous attention to detail was unlike anything else I've experienced from any of the printers/manufacturers I've dealt with in the past at other companies. He ensured that certain elements of the design lined up and also bent over backwards to make sure the colour of the printed J Cards matched nicely with the colour of the plastic cassette. Top this off with an extremely quick turnaround, high quality products, great sounding audio and all at the lowest price I could find anywhere online and you can see why it's smiles all round in my house! Great job, thanks again all! :)read more
Alex Foster
Alex Foster
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