Can I add video or download content to audio CDs? An explanation of CD EXTRA and MIXED MODE CDs

Yes, we can format audio CDs as a CD-EXTRA format which can contain additional files (downloads or video clips) that can be viewed when inserted into a PC for example. CD-EXTRA is similar to a MIXED MODE CD, but still complies with the Red Book audio CD standard, so is more reliable and we find it works best.

CD EXTRA is sometimes also referred to as Enhanced CD or CD Plus.

The main difference is that Mixed Mode CDs contain the audio on the last tracks of the CD and the data at the beginning, whereas CD-Extra format places the audio in the first tracks of the CD, and the data follows at the end.

We can sort out the formatting of the disc to include the audio files and the download/video content for you.

If including download/video files onto your CDs then please note that capacity of the CDs is 700MB and so both the download/video files and the audio files will need to fit within that capacity. CD audio uses up around 8.75MB per minute (80 minutes in total on a full CD), just so that you can budget for how much space you will have for the download/video files.

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