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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you deliver overseas?

Yes. We regularly deliver orders to our customers overseas, although overseas shipping charges and delivery times apply.

Delivery times are approximate and may be affected by such factors as customs clearance in the destination country, extreme weather, etc.

Prices shown are additional fees for orders weighing up to 20kg. Should your order exceed this weight you may be charged a higher fee, but we will discuss this with you when processing your order.

Please note that if you are based outside of the European Union, then we won’t need to charge VAT on the order, so you would just pay the ex VAT prices on our site, saving 20% off the total prices quoted.

Country Delivery Time (approximate) Fee
Albania 5-6 working days £39.95
Algeria 5 working days £59.95
Andorra 3 working days £29.95
Anguilla 5 working days £59.95
Antigua and Barbuda 2 working days £59.95
Argentina 6-7 working days £59.95
Armenia 5 working days £59.95
Aruba 5-6 working days £59.95
Australia 5-6 working days £59.95
Austria 3-4 working days £28.95
Bahamas 4-5 working day £59.95
Bangladesh 6 working day £59.95
Barbados 5 working days £59.95
Belarus 5 working days £29.95
Belgium 2-3 working days £14.95
Belize 6 working days £59.95
Bermuda 4-5 working days £59.95
Bhutan 6 working days £59.95
Bolivia 5-6 working days £59.95
Bosnia and Herzegovina 7 working days £29.95
Brazil 5-6 working days £59.95
British Virgin Islands 5 working days £59.95
Brunei 5-6 working days £59.95
Bulgaria 5 working days £39.95
Burkina Faso 5-6 working days £59.95
Cambodia 5 working days £59.95
Canada 5-6 working days £59.95
Canary Islands 3-5 working days £59.95
Cape Verde 7 working days £59.95
Cayman Islands 5-6 working days £59.95
Chile 6 working days £59.95
China 4-5 working days £59.95
Colombia 6-7 working days £59.95
Costa Rica 5-6 working days £59.95
Croatia 5 working days £39.95
Cuba 6 working days £59.95
Cyprus 5 working days £29.95
Czech Republic 3-4 working days £28.95
Denmark 2 working days £14.95
Dominica 3 working days £59.95
Dominican Republic 5 working days £59.95
Ecuador 5-6 working days £59.95
Egypt 4 working days £39.95
Estonia 4 working days £29.95
Faroe Islands 7 working days £39.95
Fiji 8-9 working days £59.95
Finland 3 working days £28.95
France 2-3 working days £15.95
French Guiana 6 working days £59.95
French Polynesia 5 working days £59.95
Georgia 4 working days £49.95
Germany 2 working days £14.95
Gibraltar 4 working days £39.95
Greece 4 working days £29.95
Greenland 5 working days £39.95
Grenada 4 working days £59.95
Guadeloupe 5 working days £74.95
Haiti 5-6 working days £59.95
Hong Kong 4 working days £59.95
Hungary 3 working days £28.95
Iceland 3-4 working days £39.95
India 5 working days £59.95
Indonesia 5-6 working days £59.95
Ireland 2 working days £15.95
Israel 5 working days £59.95
Italy 3-4 working days £16.95
Jamaica 5-6 working days £59.95
Japan 5 working days £59.95
Kenya 3 working days £59.95
Kuwait 3-6 working days £54.95
Latvia 4 working days £29.95
Lebanon 5 working days £59.95
Liechtenstein 2 working days £29.95
Lithuania 4 working days £29.95
Luxembourg 2 working days £10.95
Macau 5 working days £59.95
Macedonia 4-6 working days £49.95
Madagascar 6 working days £59.95
Malaysia 5-6 working days £59.95
Maldives 5 working days £59.95
Malta 4 working days £29.95
Martinique 5 working days £59.95
Mexico 5 working days £59.95
Moldova 5-7 working days £29.95
Monaco 2-3 working days £19.95
Montenegro 5 working days £29.95
Montserrat 3 working days £59.95
Morocco 5 working days £59.95
Netherlands 2 working days £14.95
New Zealand 5-6 working days £59.95
Norway 4-5 working days £28.95
Panama 6 working days £59.95
Paraguay 6 working days £59.95
Peru 6-7 working days £59.95
Philippines 5 working days £59.95
Poland 3 working days £28.95
Portugal 3 working days £29.95
Qatar 4 working days £59.95
Reunion Island 3-6 working days £59.95
Romania 4 working days £39.95
Russia 5-6 working days £59.95
San Marino 4 working days £28.95
Saudi Arabia 4 working days £59.95
Serbia 5 working days £29.95
Seychelles 5 working days £59.95
Singapore 5 working days £59.95
Slovakia 3-4 working days £28.95
Slovenia 4 working days £28.95
South Africa 4 working days £59.95
South Korea 5 working days £59.95
Spain (Mainland) 3-4 working days £24.95
Spain (Balearic Islands) 3-4 working days £59.95
Spain (Canary Islands) 3-5 working days £59.95
Sri Lanka 5 working days £59.95
St Kitts and Nevis 4 working days £59.95
St Lucia 4 working days £59.95
St Pierre and Miquelon 7 working days £59.95
St Vincent and the Grenadines 4 working days £59.95
Sweden 3 working days £29.95
Switzerland 2 working days £39.95
Taiwan 5 working days £59.95
Thailand 4-5 working days £59.95
Tunisia 4 working days £59.95
Turkey 7-9 working days £39.95
Turks and Caicos Islands 6-7 working days £59.95
Ukraine 5-6 working days £29.95
United Arab Emirates 4 working days £59.95
United Kingdom 1 working day FREE
United States 3-6 working days £39.95
Uruguay 5-6 working days £59.95
Venezuela 5 working days £59.95
Vietnam 5 working days £59.95

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What our customers say

4.8/5.0 on Facebook

All I can do is highly recommend this amazing company, Band CDs!! Helpful every step of the way with all my last minute changes, quick to put my mind at ease by answering all my questions, very fast delivery time and superb products that I am over the moon with!! Seriously guys, you ROCK!!! Thanks again and again...read more
Dave Dunbar
Dave Dunbar
Amazing service and lovely staff. Always go above and beyond. Band CD's produce all of our cassette's for This City Is Ours Records and they always come out looking better than we could have thought. Can't recommend enough.read more
Terry Dactyl
Terry Dactyl
TT fortnight on the Isle of Man means the biggest gigs of the year for local bands and a chance to be heard by many visitors from all over the world. Our EP was late being mastered and as such we couldn't order our CD's until the last minute. BandCDS worked wonders and turned around our order in double quick time. The product is fantastic and the service excellent!!!😁😁read more
Ian Astill
Ian Astill
Very helpful and very quick turn around time, Tom Guildford was particularly patient with my constant pestering and I’m very happy with the end product, which was well packaged and delivered safely.Thank you very much, and I hope to do business with you again in the future!read more
Shaun Stonard
Shaun Stonard
You can never go wrong with Band CDs. The tapes always look and sound amazing and the customer service is on point. I personally deal with Tom, who is an absolute star. He’s always quick to process my orders and does everything he can to meet my sometimes slim deadlines. On the rare occassion that there is an issue with my order, he gets that sorted at the speed of light too. Overall I just can’t recommend them enough, Band CDs is just the best at what they do, period.read more
Christian Lykke Hansen
Christian Lykke Hansen
I cannot recommend this service enough, the website layout is really consice and user friendly, and the guys at band cds are some of the most helpful I have encountered. The final product we were delivered was exactly what we were looking for and we could not be happier! 10/10 would use againread more
Thomas Shaun Brady
Thomas Shaun Brady
Great service - quick to respond and were very informative about my technical questions at the start. Products look fantastic and care is taken to deliver great products. If any issues arise (as can sometimes happen with old mediums like cassettes!) they are fixed very quickly, and professionally. I had used other very slightly cheaper companies for tapes and received awful products in the past, wouldn't go anywhere else now. Thanks to Paul for his help and support with each release.read more
Chris Le Monde
Chris Le Monde
On behalf of The Lack of Commitments we'd really like to thank Charlotte and the team for producing our live double album CD. We went for the vinyl CD look for our double album with a four page booklet. The quality, print and help was great. Thank you.read more
Dave Patrick
Dave Patrick
We absolutely LOVE Band CDs in our house. The service was quick, almost instant, friendly, and everything happened as it should. I would deffo recommend them. Just one teensy little thing...please get some mastering software that allows you to join tracks together. xread more
Stephen Butler
Stephen Butler
Excellent experience using these guys. I’m in a band called, Pulverise and we used Band CDs to print digi-packs of our debut album - Chaos Games. It’s the first time we’ve ever done anything like this and they supported us from the first contact to completion and delivered a beautiful product that we’re all proud of. Tom G is a legend! Thank you!read more
Vicky Reader
Vicky Reader
We printed our first release (Nordkväde) on tape here, the maltese cross folding cover looks amazing and we are really impressed by the all over print of the cassette. Most importantly the sound quality is great! We couldn't be happier with the result and great support they gave us when printing this product. Highly recommended!read more
Olle Olsson
Olle Olsson
Can't thank Charlotte and BandCDs for their help in turning my order for LIINES around so quickly and producing quality CDs. They answered my (many) questions by phone and email and nothing was too much bother. Can't wait to get these out to people who have ordered and to sell them at gigs. Thanks again.read more
Leila O'Sullivan
Leila O'Sullivan
Brilliant service and product . Couldn’t fault Charlotte who looked after our order, great advice and support with regards design etc . Would recommend any indie bands out there to use this company , you won’t be disappointed .read more
Kenny Martin
Kenny Martin
Band CDs has provided Brilleaux (New Zealand) with UK based CD production for all their tours of UK and Europe since 2013.Great service, innovative and impactful products, fast delivery and keen pricing make them our go-to partner for this part of our Merchandising strategy.Paul's customer-facing approach is like a breath of fresh-air - It's an *absolute pleasure* to do business with these guys!Highly recommended :-)read more
Rob Vernon
Rob Vernon
Thank you so much Band CDs team (Charlotte was the person who took care about my release😉) The artist KEYVANOTH and I are very pleased of the result and I deeply support Band CDs and will renew as soon as I can afford😊 thank you for your very nice photo and I'm pleased to have added some other one about this great product (the vinyl style CD with microgroove relief and deepl black reverse is awesome !) The CDs were safely delivered this afternoon. Many thanks.phoenixread more
Emmanuel Duchez
Emmanuel Duchez
I've had a 50 CD order for a classical music project. The audio quality was very high, and I loved the black vinyl CDs. The digipak printing was perfect, the staff was friendly and helpful, and overall it was a lovely experience. As a minor issue, I personally find the booklet pocket needlessly large, but that is a matter of taste. I would definitely recommend them. Many thanks for the professional services!read more
Maria Suciu
Maria Suciu
I've now had 4 different CDs produced by the Wizbit/BandCD team and can thoroughly recommend them for attention to detail, courteous and careful correspondence, good design advice, speedy service and high quality production. Absolutely no complaints!!read more
Andy Beaumont
Andy Beaumont
Can't rate BandCDs highly enough, 5 stars doesn't even come close, from day 1 they help me with every issue I had with my CDs right through to the final product, the range of products is also mind blowing , from normal everyday CDs to mini vinyl CDs which is what I opted for for my own release, there is something for everyone here, can I personally thank everyone at BandCDs for their excellent service and friendly approach, The Plastic Fantastic Ep was The Skalps first release and we will 100% return to BandCDs for future releases. Thank you from all at Skalps Hq.read more
Tommy Byrne
Tommy Byrne
Band CDs did a run of cassettes for me in August and they are beautiful. The full on-body printing is a great option and the quality of the J-cards is excellent. Delivery was very fast and the price quoted was extremely competitive. I have since ordered from them again.read more
James Griffin
James Griffin
Band CDs are doing an awesome work with tape manufacturing, their professionalism and efficiency is amazing and the tapes I received are high quality products and they know how to handle problems such as delivery issues. I ordered a batch of 50 tapes for my label, which was lost by the delivery service and after a few months of being in contact with the delivery service trying to locate the parcel, they sent me another batch of 50 tapes that they re-produced. Couldn't recommend Band CDs enough.read more
Maël Temps
Maël Temps
Excellent product, great customer service and did exactly what was asked for!! Thanks Charlotte for a great product and super duper service! Would highly recommend - Ian (Gone Savage) Check it out on our bandpage - facebook com gonesavageukread more
Ian Salpekar
Ian Salpekar
Can't recommend these guys enough. I worked closely with a chap called Michael at BandCDs on a small batch of cassette tapes. He was an absolute legend! His meticulous attention to detail was unlike anything else I've experienced from any of the printers/manufacturers I've dealt with in the past at other companies. He ensured that certain elements of the design lined up and also bent over backwards to make sure the colour of the printed J Cards matched nicely with the colour of the plastic cassette. Top this off with an extremely quick turnaround, high quality products, great sounding audio and all at the lowest price I could find anywhere online and you can see why it's smiles all round in my house! Great job, thanks again all! :)read more
Alex Foster
Alex Foster
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