Adding copyright audio content to your wedding favour CDs and wedding invitation CDs

What type of licence do I need?

If you wish to add copyright tracks from any artist including the latest chart music, 60’s or 80’s hits to your wedding CDs for your guests then you can legally do so with a Limited Manufacture (LM) licence that includes royalties to MCPS (copyright in the musical work) and PPL (copyright in the sound recording).

The licence will cover all artists and your audio content can then be a mix of different artists from almost any genre. It will cover production of up to a maximum of 250 copies which is far more than most people require for weddings as it may only be one copy per invited couple required.

The cost of the licence will depend on whether the total play time is over or under 25 minutes and on the total quantity of discs that you wish to record and these are shown in the table below:

Number of copiesLess than 25mins of musicMore than 25mins of music
1 – 5£15.32£24.51
6 – 20£40.85£65.36
21 – 50£55.15£85.79
51 – 100£81.70£130.72
101 – 250 (max)£142.98£204.26

The prices in the table above all include UK VAT at 20%

How to apply for a licence

It is a pretty straightforward process to apply for the Limited Manufacture licence online through PRS for Music and further information about the licence and the application buy now button (at the base of the PRS page) can be found here:

Who then adds the audio contents onto the CDs?

Once you have applied for a licence we can assist you with adding the audio to the CDs if you supply us with the tracks (either on a master CD or as separate MP3/WAV files), or you can save a little bit of money by requesting the CDs to be printed but left blank in terms of the audio and then recording them yourselves.

Any questions?

If you have any other questions then click here to view other Frequently Asked Questions, otherwise please do not hesitate to pick up the phone or email us and we will try to help. Our contact details can be found here.
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